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The Generator is designed to help you create some simple Word documents. 

Previously, it was a program that required installation. Based on your feedback, we have simplified it so you can download one document and edit this to suit your needs. The documents you can create include:

  • - position descriptions for the people working on your farm;
  • - standard operating procedures for a particular person, task or the entire farm;
  • - safety procedures for a particular person, task or the entire farm;
  • - safety protocols related to safety procedures
Download everything you need in one file (Generator)
We've replaced the need to download & install the Generator on your computer with a Word document - you will need to edit this document to delete the job tasks, procedures and protocols that aren't relevant to you and customise to suit your farm.

Download the Complete Generator (word doc) and explore our sections which explain how you can best make these documents work for you.

Generator software support

If you have previously downloaded the Generator software (which requires installation on your device), you can refer to the usage manual for instructions to create position descriptions, standard operating procedures, safety procedures and protocols for your farm.

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