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DairySage Mentoring 2018

This program assists people from across the dairy industry to establish and formalise meaningful and rewarding mentoring partnerships. 

DairySage Mentoring is open to anyone involved in the Australian dairy industry including farmers, manufacturers and service providers.

As a participant or mentor, you will have access to:

  • - The six month mentoring program
  • - A free 2-day introduction/training workshop (includes training,
      meals and accommodation) - see dates below
  • - Speed networking and a dairy industry dinner where you will meet
      inspirational mentors
  • - Opportunity to work on your personal goals with the support of a committed mentor
  • - Monthly webinars to monitor your progress through the program
  • - Mentor training
  • - Opportunities for you to establish a supportive network with like-minded
      dairy industry people
  • - Access to reputable and highly regarded trainers

Dates and contacts

South West Victoria (West Vic Dairy): 22-23 February 2018 - note date change

Contact: Heidi Van Es - 0459 227 337

Tasmaina (DairyTas): 19-20 February 2018 - note date change

Contact: Jacki Hine – 0429 698 168

North West Victoria / Southern NSW (Murray Dairy): 6-7 February 2018

Contact: Sarah Thompson – 0418 884 621

More details and apply

Download our information for participants - DairySage program handbook

Apply online: to be a mentee or to be a mentor

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