The People in Dairy
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Dairy Passport (in development - available late 2018)

  Dairy Passport allows dairy farms to manage all the members of
  their farm team via an online platform and link them to the key tasks
  that need to be undertaken on-farm. 

  It is customisable to each farm business, with information easily
via a people dashboard of on-farm tasks and Standard
  Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Policies that need to be  
  undertaken, aligned to each farm team member. 

Dairy Passport - currently piloting - will allow dairy farmers to: 

- Create Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and Policies (from templates) for your farm to share
  with farm team members via internet connected devices
- Record acceptance of SOPs and Policies to meet compliance and governance requirements
- Easily record who is working on farm/s, informal and formal skills, completion of SOPs / policies, 
  and identify any skills gaps
- Engage staff in driving their own development through providing a Passport that showcases skills, 
  experience and qualifications to use in career planning and future employment
- Record inductions for contractors

The dashboard displays the status of each person – e.g. fully trained, partially trained or no training to date for key compliance areas (e.g. Farm Induction, Quad Bike training)

This is supported by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each task, available to farm team members via any internet connected device. 

Registrations for the pilot are closed. 

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