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Confined Spaces

Confined spaces can be very dangerous. More than any other area of safety on dairy farms, confined spaces require the owner or person conducting the business to comply with legal regulations.

On dairy farms examples of confined spaces include: milk vats or silos, grain silos, mixing wagons, tanks, some effluent pits, wells or other enclosed or partially enclosed spaces. 

By law, the person conducting the business in any workplace with an area defined as a ‘confined space’ has some serious safety management obligations.

Use the resources below to ensure your comply. 

Use your Confined spaces - Register and risk assessment guide in your induction process for new employees and relevant contractors.


In addition to the Farm Safety Manual resources, we have created 4 short videos to help farmers to understand their responsibilities and put safe work systems in place.

Farm Safety Manual resources  
CS: Step by step - Setting up safety for confined spaces PDF
CS: Safety self assessment PDF 
CS: Farm policy on safety in confined spaces Word 
CS: Register and risk assessment guide  Word
CS: Entry permit Word

Further information  
Do a risk assessment to identify your confined spaces
Set up an entry permit system
Test the atmosphere in a confined space
Set up rescue systems
Confined spaces - Code of Practice (Safe Work Australia) Website
Confined spaces - Compliance Code (WorkSafe Victoria) Website 

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