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Quad bikes - mandatory standard to improve safety announced

The Commonwealth Assistant Treasurer, the Hon Michael Sukkar MP has announced a mandatory standard to improve the safety of quad bikes. 

The safety standard has three elements: improved information for potential purchasers, enhanced quad bike stability, and rollover protection to reduce injuries and deaths. The safety standard is made under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). The standard applies to all quad bikes from 11 October 2020 with additional requirements for general use quad bikes from 11 October 2021. 

The standard requires that within 12 months, all new quad bikes will need to have information affixed to them about the degree of slope at which they will start to overturn. The standard does not apply to second-hand quad bikes other than those imported into Australia.

All quad bikes — within 12 months:
on and after 11 October 2020, all quad bikes are required to:

- meet the specified requirements of the US standard for quad
  bikes, ANSI/SVIA 1-2017, or the European standard for quad
  bikes, EN 15997:2011
- have a rollover warning label fixed so that when the quad bike
  is used, it will be clearly visible and legible
- provide information in the owner’s manual or information
  handbook on the risk of rollover
- be tested for lateral static stability, and display the angle at
  which the quad bike tips on to two wheels on a hang tag at the
  point of sale.

Within 24 months, all new general use quad bikes will need to conform with minimum standards for stability on slopes. 

The standard will also require that all new general use quad bikes sold in Australia will have to have an operator protection device or rollover bar, to reduce the risk of serious crush injuries and deaths in the event of a rollover.

General use quad bikes — within 24 months: on and after 11 October 2021, general use quad bikes are required to meet the minimum stability requirements of:

- lateral roll stability — a minimum Tilt Table Ratio (TTR) of 0.55 (must not tip on to two wheels on a slope less than 28.81 degrees)
- front and rear longitudinal pitch stability — a minimum TTR of 0.8 (must not tip on to two wheels on a slope less than 38.65 degrees)
- the quad bike must also be fitted with an operator protection device (OPD) or have one integrated into its design.

There have been at least 128 fatalities associated with quad bike use during 2011–18. Around 15% of deaths involve children. An estimated 6 people present to an emergency department each day, of which 2 are admitted to hospital with serious injuries. Quad bikes are a leading cause of fatalities and injuries on farms.

Read more about the mandatory standard here and the ACCC media release